Expert Decompression Therapy In White Lake MI

Providing Chiropractic Care For 13 Years!

Dr. Eric Duncan has been offering expert chiropractic care to Southeast Michigan. The Fix Chiropractic Group of Waterford opened in 2016. We offer the same quality chiropractic treatment that has been proven to improve the quality of life for our patients. Our team has extensive knowledge and skills to treat many conditions like back, neck, shoulder or pain from an accident.

We Are The Areas Recommended Decompression Therapy Team

Effective Spine & Back Pain Treatment

Our professional team has extensive experience in solving a range of back issues, including:


Sciatica can be fixed through flexion distraction. This will involve you stretching your back with our doctors putting light pressure on the joints.

Back Injuries

When your back is out of alignment it can lead to other health and mobility issues. With precise care, we can get your back to full movement in no time!

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Everyday chronic back can have a strong impact no matter how minor the pain. If you allow back pain to effect you, it will interfere with your work, sleep and even daily life. Our team of experts at The Fix Chiropractic Group offers a variety of safe and effective solutions for back pain. Our mission is to help patients throughout the are to live in comfort, recover and be free of pain!

Sometimes we find that chiropractic care alone is not enough. This is often the case when someone has a bulging disc, or sciatica that just won't go away. The Fix Chiropractic Group has worked on decompression therapy to assure that you can stop taking medication, shots and avoid surgery with our services.

Quality Decompression Therapy & Accident Treatment

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If you're injured, its crucial to act as quickly as possible. Our team offers reliable and quick solutions to many neck, back, and spinal problems. We will diagnose your problem and adjust your body to minimize pain and maximize the mobility so you can get back to living life in comfort. We have a solid local reputation which empowers us to get to the source of the problem and cure you from pain.

Chronic neck pain can happen then the joints in your neck become unaligned with your spine. If you are suffering from neck pain don't hesitate to get ahold of The Fix Chiropractic Group. It's important for you to come in as soon as possible, so that your body doesn't become adjusted to the pain. That will make it harder for us to fix the pain. We offer same-day appointments in order for you to be free of any pain as soon as you notice it!

Reasons For Your Neck Pain

  • Small Accident - A minor car crash may cause you to strain your neck.

  • Sport Injury - Whiplash, disc problems and pinched nerves can occur when you play sports. Be cautious and get help whenever you have neck pain.

  • Sleeping Positions - Ever wake up from sleeping and you have an awful pain in your neck? Some positions compress your neck bones and muscles which can injure the nerves from your spinal cord.

Cure your chronic pain with Decompression Therapy services in the Metro Detroit area. Contact the professionals at The Fix Chiropractic Group, we would love to help your health and get your back to living comfortably and pain free.