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    Gonstead Technique

    The Gonstead technique consists of five stages used to identify and locate misalignment in the spinal column. It is considered one of the safest and most successful chiropractic procedures, and it is commonly used for treatment of children, pregnant women, and the elderly.

    Evaluation Criteria

    • X-Rays - First, X-rays of the entire spine are taken and evaluated for signs of fractures, joint or disc weakness, misalignment, or other causes or symptoms of discomfort in the patient.
    • Nervoscope - A nervoscope, an instrument that detects heat, is used to determine if the distribution of heat within the spinal column is uneven, which can be an indication of inflammation and compressed nerves.
    • Static Palpation - Next, a chiropractor assesses the spine for signs of swelling, tenderness, or tightness by feeling the spine while in a stationary position.
    • Motion Palpation - The spine is then evaluated while in movement in order to identify any vertebrae that are being strained or struggling to move normally.
    • Visualization - Finally, the results of all four evaluations above are compared and a treatment plan specific to the patient's needs is developed.

    By utilizing the Gonstead technique, we can carry out a more accurate adjustment. Ultimately, in our experience, patients who participate in this method have more precise and effective assessment and treatment.

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