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    Accident Treatment

    Injuries sustained in auto accidents, slip and falls, or other incidents often cause damage to the spine. Spinal injuries can have lasting effects on other parts of the body and overall health. Pain and discomfort caused by damage to vertebrae, discs, or surrounding tissues can often be reduced or eliminated through chiropractic treatment. Our dedicated chiropractors will work to devise treatment plans specific to the circumstances and injuries causing you pain following a wide variety of accidents.

    Treatment Benefits

    • Reduce Pain - Whiplash, herniated discs, and other injuries sustained in accidents are often accompanied by pain and discomfort that can be relieved by spinal adjustments.
    • Increased Mobility - While feeling sore and stiff after an accident is natural, in some cases, these symptoms can be a sign of permanent loss of mobility if left untreated.

    Consider Chiropractic Treatment After...

    If you have been in an accident or endured a personal injury that is causing pain, stiffness, or decreased mobility, we can provide a treatment that will lead you to the road to recovery. We are experienced in handling accident claims and dealing with insurance companies. Contact us now or call (248) 681-7655 to make an appointment.

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